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The Padua network

Castello del Catajo

The Catajo Castle

A noble palace and military bastion presiding over commerce on the Battaglia Canal

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Museo della Navigazione Fluviale

Museum of River Navigation

The era of fresh water sailors and nautical traditions on display

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Museo delle Idrovore di Santa Margherita

The Santa Margherita Water Pump Museum

An operational nineteenth century water pump retells the history of the land and its reclamation

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Anello idraulico di Padova

Padua River and Canal Circuit

The Saint's City seen from the ancient network of urban canals

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Porto fluviale del Portello

The Portello river port

The historical dockings of the Burchiello, as depicted in Canaletto's renowned painting

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Torre della Specola

The Specola tower (Astronomical Observatory)

Urban water-scapes and the ancient tower “Torlonga” of the Carraresi Castle

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Colmelloni di Limena

The Locks of Limena

The two monumental protective guardians of Padua's medieval navigable canals

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Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle Square

The symbolic square of Padua as a union of water and architecture

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Fonte della Madonna della Salute di Monteortone

Madonna della Salute Spring of Monteortone

Miraculous thermal waters in the Marian Sanctuary at the foot of the Euganean Hills

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Palude di Onara

Onara Wetlands Nature Reserve

Resurgence water and permanent meadows in the territory of the Ezzelini family

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Museo Archeologico del Fiume Bacchiglione

The Archaeological Museum of the Bacchiglione River

From the Neolithic to the Medieval: discovering the civilizations that grew up along rivers

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Corte Benedettina di Correzzola

The Benedictine Court of Correzzola

The economic and productive centre of medieval reclamation on the Bacchiglione riverbanks

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Oasi di Ca' di Mezzo

Ca' di Mezzo natural Oasis

The self-cleansing properties of rivers exploited in a project to protect the Lagoon

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Valle Millecampi

Millecampi Valley

Rural dwellings, sandbanks, mirrors of water and fishing valleys in Venice's South Lagoon

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Abbazia di Praglia

Praglia Abbey

A Benedictine monastic complex for the reclamation and water management of the territory

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Golena Draganziolo

The Draganziolo flood plain (golena)

New spaces for waterways and the community: a replicable model of environmental restoration

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Borgo fluviale di Pontemanco

Pontemanco canal village

On the trail of the Republic of Venice's hydraulic creations on the Biancolino Canal

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Castello di Valbona

Valbona Castle

Protagonist of long and bloody dispute: the medieval fortress on the Bisato Canal

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Castello di Monselice

Monselice Castle

The Frederick Stronghold at the defense of the Euganean waterways

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Navigli Medievali dei Colli Euganei

Medieval Canals of Euganean Hills

Exploring the ancient "liquid roads" between Vicenza, Padua and Venice

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Borgo fluviale di Bovolenta

Bovolenta canal village

Along the Salt and Sugar Routes, the fluvial intersection to and from the Adriatic

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Borgo fluviale di Battaglia Terme

Battaglia Terme canal village

At the confluence of the Bisato and Battaglia Canals: an open-air museum of river navigation

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Villa Contarini a Piazzola sul Brenta

Villa Contarini in  Piazzola sul Brenta

The civilization of Veneto Villas and water: the architectural symbol of the Palladian landscape

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Bosco Limite a Carmignano di Brenta

The Forest (Bosco Limite) in Carmignano di Brenta

An avant-garde project aimed at regenerating the aquifers

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Bacino di Isola Mantegna

The Isola Mantegna Basin

Un progetto di riqualificazione ecosistemica lungo il fiume Brenta

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Museo della Centuriazione Romana

Museum of Roman Centuriation

The Ager Romanus and ancient land organization between the Brenta and Muson Vecchio rivers

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Orto Botanico Università di Padova

Padua Botanical Garden

"The origin of all the world's Botanical Garden" in the World Heritage List.

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Museo Archeologico Ambientale delle Acque di Padova

The Archaeological and Environmental Museum of Waterways in Padua

The Brenta and Bacchiglione rivers told through underwater finds

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Giardino Monumentale di Villa Barbarigo a Valsanzibio

Villa Barbarigo’s monumental garden in Valsanzibio

A wonderful baroque synthesis of fountains, wooded areas and historical water games

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Processione del Voto a Pontelongo

The Procession of the Vow in Pontelongo 

The river as a symbol of faith, prosperity and social cohesion

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Complesso termale romano a Montegrotto

Roman Thermal Spa in Montegrotto

Salus per Aquam: the salutary effects of spas in the ancient Roman world

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Vogalonga Euganea

Vogalonga Euganea (rowing regatta)

From bridge to bridge: Voga alla Veneta along the Bisato Canal and its walled cities

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Remada a Seconda

Remada a Seconda

To safeguard and rediscover the navigable waterways in the territory of Padua

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Castello Carrarese di Este

The Castle of Este

Military garrison and walled city of the navigable waterway

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